C. S. Lewis, a brief introduction and some thoughts on the Chronicles of Narnia. (part i)

C. S. Lewis was, without a doubt, a brilliant writer. He is perhaps most famously known for his beloved children’s series, The Chronicles of Narnia. For others, his Screw-Tape Letters provide a much welcome insight into the tactics of the devil, whilst also being delivered in a tasteful manner. And again, his little book on […]

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Creative writing, take one.

So today I tried my hand at writing a descriptive piece for the first time in a long time. Since it’s been so long since I’ve tried any sort of creative writing I wouldn’t class this among my finer works. However, as a beginner in the art of describing things in such a way as […]

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Some book recommendations.

Unfortunately, most of my time lately has been preoccupied with either study or writing my latest article for this blog. So I haven’t been able to publish anything for a couple of days now. However, instead of waiting until my latest post is finished to share something, I thought I would share something I wrote […]

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Tips for reading more.

Whilst reading may not be enjoyed by everyone, it is most certainly one of the most productive ways of spending your time. So, if you don’t find pleasure from reading, here are some tips which may help you to read more, and eventually grow to love reading. Find something short, fun and easy to read. […]

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My thoughts on Dante’s Inferno.

(A small portion of some of my most prized possessions in life: books). As you can probably see from the above image, Dante’s “Inferno” is comfortably sitting 6 spots from the right. I only just recently finished reading it, and I must say that I was quite pleasantly blown away by its epic poetic style. […]

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