A Loss of the Sense of the Sacred

In today’s society, there is often found what I perceive to be a profound loss of humanity’s sense of the sacred and holy. In my limited understanding, I would presume that this stems from a loss of belief and trust in God. As our society becomes gradually more and more secular, and pagan, anything and […]

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The Last Battle and Christianity

If I had tried giving you my favourite book from the Narnia series a couple of weeks ago, I would almost surely have said The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. However, after reading through the whole series again, I have to say that The Last Battle is definitely a tough contender for my favourite book […]

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Renew all things in Christ.

This morning I read the encyclical E Supremi by Pope Pius X. This encyclical is of particular relevance in today’s context and there are a few very important take away messages from the document. The first of these ideas is just how committed Pope Pius was to the task of “restoring all things in Christ.” […]

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Review of Apocalypse Now

A while ago, I went with a few friends to watch a movie. Before watching, we were warned that it was a hard hitting movie, and that it was one that we would only want to watch once. I think we underestimated just how hard hitting it really was. Below is my attempt at providing […]

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The philosophy of Music

What is music? Is it just the sound of waves vibrating through the air? Or is it much more than that? If we wish to attempt to explain music, we can do so through purely scientific and empirical methods. Music however, is much more complex than that. Because of this, the potent and poetic effects […]

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C. S. Lewis, a brief introduction and some thoughts on the Chronicles of Narnia. (part i)

C. S. Lewis was, without a doubt, a brilliant writer. He is perhaps most famously known for his beloved children’s series, The Chronicles of Narnia. For others, his Screw-Tape Letters provide a much welcome insight into the tactics of the devil, whilst also being delivered in a tasteful manner. And again, his little book on […]

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